Human Resources Management System

What is Human Resources Management?
The function performed in organizations that facilitate the most effective use of people (employees) to achieve organizational and individual goals.

What are the Functions/activities of HR Management?
Job Analysis
Human Resource Planning
Performance Appraisal 

Human Resources Management System in McDonalds:
The relationship between McDonald's in the Arab countries and McDonald's Corporation is merely limited to the use of the brand in addition to training and development.
Human resource decisions in this company are guided by formal HR planning and linked to strategic plan and issues of the company in very great extent. Also, it keeps informed about the best human resource management practices that are used in other countries.

The employees in McDonalds:
The percentages of employees in the company is 65% male and 35% female and the average age of the total workforce are: from less than 30 to 50 years old. 
The educational level of the non-managerial workforce is: High school or equivalent but managers and supervisors is: College/university degree and Graduate degree (Master’s and above).


HRM practices in McDonalds

The HR planning of McDonalds:
In McDonalds they wrote a formal written HR planning, in the planning they identify the objectives of the company which is the same as the aim.

The aims of McDonalds:
the skills, talents and performance of staff matter; gender, marital status, disability, race, color, nationality or ethnic origin do not
providing a safe and secure working environment
they should be challenges and rewards
staff pay based on qualification and  job performance
there should be good communication with staff

McDonalds restaurant services crew:
McDonalds services crew works hard to achieve the aims of the McDonalds company, crews are divided into Back/Grill/ kitchen and Front / Counter / Drive Thru. Kitchen crews uphold the highest standard of cleanliness and they work hard to provide the best quality of food to achieve the customer's satisfaction.
Counter crew serve the customers by being friendly to offer them a pleasant experience to the customers .Other crew is employed such as a maintenance, who work consistently to make the restaurant sparkle both out in the dining room and behind the scenes where the food is prepared. Managers get this position by being long term staff at a restaurant with a degree in business. Managers usually develop from Crew who become crew trainers who become assistant managers who then become managers.

How McDonalds advertise about the jobs available?
McDonalds only advertise about the jobs available in the foreign newspapers, they don’t advertise in the local newspapers also they don’t advertise in their own website. Sometimes they recruit employees from the current employees in the company.

 McDonalds recruitment and selection process:
In recruitment employees, an application form and CV are used in the hiring process. In great extent, Applicants undergo structured interviews (job related questions and same questions asked for all candidates) before being hired. Also, Relevant validity and reliability studies are required before an employment test is used in evaluating candidates, the types of employment test are used: Personality tests and Job-related knowledge/skill test (e.g. work sample test. moreover, The job classification its(similar to the system used in the Civil used for job evaluation. 

The Job description: 
The company has written job descriptions for various jobs and prepared it internally, but they don’t update the job description, they used the same one without updating it. 

The training and development in McDonalds :
McDonalds focuses of the training and development of its employees, The Company places emphasis on the training and development of its employees. Its moderately allocates sufficient time and money for training activities. Training needs assessment is linked to the employee’s job performance and training is leading to satisfying results review in great extent.  The company aim to provide career opportunities for people to achieve their potential. The firm offers both full and part-time career opportunities, which helps staff to combine work with family or educational commitments.

Performance evaluation in McDonalds:
In great extent, the performance evaluation criteria involve employee traits such as honesty and dependability, while the performance evaluation criteria involve that employee behaviors such as punctuality and timely completion of tasks, etc as well as objectively quantifiable results and outcomes such as productivity or sales figures, etc in very great extent .
Managers, supervisors and Non-managerial employees in this organization receive a formal performance appraisal regularly (at least once a year) and in great extent, the results of performance appraisal used to provide feedback and improve their performance. 

Job progression:
Job progression is used to encourage the first employees who got their job in the company to promote to management positions, these promotions are based on the performance and qualification of the staff member. Employees have the opportunity to earn individual bonuses in great extent.

How McDonald's motivate their employees:
McDonald's motivate their employees by give the staff the privilege to enjoy the following benefits:

Free Meal Allowance
Free Life Assurance (value dependent upon service)
Private Health Care (for employees aged 19+ with 3 years' service)
Stock Purchase Scheme
Employee Discount Card
Service Awards (at 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years service)
Health Care Principles


  1. I think HR system is one of the most important systems in any organization because people is the most important resource then comes the capital and the technology , and I think McDonalds apples the system well , they try there best to satisfied the employees and motivate them

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